Arolla, small valley - big mountains!

arolla in winter, it's tranquillity assured

a typical hotel at the end of the road, it's good we're wedged, there's more than to slide

faces and corridors that give the whirlwind before deciding which one will do:

needle of tsa

couloirs of tsenâ refien

couloirs serre de vouibe

and many other ideas ...

Available from January to April

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Grand Paradis 4061m - ski touring

You're tired of blowing your thighs during the long descents on foot? Me too

it's like summer, but more fun downhill.

there are a multitude of high-altitude peaks suitable for skiing.

Let's start with Grand Paradis, you will see that's not so scaring and difficult ;-)


Lombardi - valchiavenna, livigno - co. Italy

off-piste, skiing or the ideal mix in freerando for you to choose

road trip between two valleys: madesimo, valchiavenna and livigno more east

comfortable accommodations, good Italian food and resorts tailored for adventure. they know how to do it in this country!,

another area, on the Swiss border, which receives a lot of snow regularly. and no big off-piste culture, in these valleys = risk of a breathtaking stay...