Grimentz, saint jean, saint luc, chandolin, zinal names that mean nothing to you or that you are dreaming? in any case, go!

Freeride or Freerando

stay, road trip or last minute

Whatever the method, but this valley is part of the essential backcountry skiing!

located at the foot of the "Imperial Crown", the chain of peaks of 4000 m composed of the Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Dent Blanche, Cervin/Matterhorn just behind.

The panorama is crazy! and endless runs. All orientations are possible throughout the day.

Once more, skinning at the top of the lifts seems essential to me to stray off the beaten track, in search of wild routes and make the most of this exceptional setting. Not more than 300 m climb in ski touring, at the beginning or end of the descent, we should be okay, right?

Oh I forgot, the local religion, is fondue ! So, who's ready to Go ?

Available from January to April

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Andermatt - Swiss

Andermatt, is...

a pretty typical village,

2 cable cars,

not many people in the corner,

a crossroads of valleys where it snows a lot,

a few tracks, but especially off-tracks everywhere,

Virgin mountains at 360 °,

peaceful loooongs valleys,

couloirs, couloirs, and couloirs,

seal skins at the start of the ski lifts,

a train that brings back you when you finish your run too far,

other stations nearby in case,

a risk of fun guaranteed,

in fact, nothing to get crazy... well, yes still a little! everyone his method to discover Andermatt: stay, road trip, last minute in case of pure conditions.


Secret spots - Italy

As Italians like to parade on the slopes, you can not even imagine the blank playgrounds to explore the "ritalistan"!

It's up here, just behind the border, from Piedmont to Aosta Valley.

to seize from the first "retour d'est", these famous heavy snowfall which can be several meters in a few days.

Come there to test, I will tell you all of these places Magic, finally... almost all ;-)

formulas: stay, road trip, last minute to decide together.


Diablerets - Swiss

The beauty of the landscapes, the tranquility of the villages, snow Virgin, in short, Switzerland is a safe bet! This area provides us with sacred opportunities of off tracks, most of which are accessible by gravity. for some routes, we need to walk a few minutes, but not exhausting. Thanks to the high altitude and the presence of glaciers, snow cover is routinely excellent. I recommend mixing this stay with the ski touring nearby to vary the rhythms of the day and the pleasures.