Steep and long !

Steep slopes, extreme skiing, ski corridor, full of different names exist to talk about committed mountain skiing.

We're here in the field of mountaineering and the white mountain massif is the Mecca of the great ski mountaineering. so go!

a wide choice to our tips:- couloir des cosmiques - glacier Rond - north face - and many others on the surrounding summits...

Available from January to June
500 €

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Toule glacier - Italy - pte helbronner

Grand ski guaranteed on the Italian side of the white mountain glacier! orientation South and open landscape give this place a really welcoming. Here the slopes are much more supported than in the Valley white and much less crowded. usually, we chained several descents in the day with the cable car of helbronner, by various passages in the middle of not too nasty crevices. most of the routes stop at the intermediate station, the "Pavilion" at 2200 m, but with good snow conditions, we can even go down to courmayeur (1300 m), big slopes into perspective! would like, it is a mandatory break pasta and coffee ristreto "Pavilion"! possibility of return to chamonix by the glacier of the Virgin and the black Valley nearby:-the brenva glacier, incredible itinerary on a tumultuous glacier - courmayeur, skiing in the resort, full of runs varied - glacier of the marbled, a bit of walking or hiking for a long steady descent.

Grands Montets - Pas de Chèvre

From grands montets cable car, just push 3 x on the sticks and hop, go for an unforgettable descent!

alternating large curves in wide slopes, passages technical in a corridor almost raid, skiing along a glacier, hacks in the moraine to finally reach the sea ice... nothing that it ;-)