From the refuge of the cover

"you become a Mountaineer in Aiguille Verte," says it all in this quote.

top aesthetic and mythical of the Mont Blanc massif, this pyramid does not come so easily.
the whymper corridor is the least difficult access.

It is nevertheless necessary to travel this route at the beginning of season (June/July) to be in good condition, because it is oriented to the South and takes in the morning sun.

Available from May to July

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Aiguille de Rochefort 4001m - Arêtes de Rochefort

If it is a esthetic run in the Alps, it is this route, back and forth, edges of rochefort until the needle of rochefort 4001 m.

It is an easy route for real mountainers, but attention it asks to experience, the slope is steep on each side...

Mainly snow and a few steps climbing easy to reach the top of the needle.


Aiguille du Midi 3842m - Traversée Midi-Plan

Crossing midi-plan, that is to say from aiguille du midi 3842 m to aiguille du plan 3673 m, is an airy Ridge trail, tapered, between the Valley of chamonix and the glaciers of the massif of Mont blanc.

Aboutissement or training for more great races scale you choose. This route takes place all day at high altitude, where we are transported by the aiguille du midi cable car.