Try the adventure of skiing in Norway or Chile, the discovery of climbing in Oman and Jordan, the sweetness of the Calanques, of Verdon, Corsica ...

Except Mont Blanc and Ecrins ranges, mountaineering, climbing and skiing courses provide original or even unusual in France and worldwide.

The possibilities are endless. We present some examples in these pages.
Contact us to study together your desires and imagine projects projects which suit you.



Les Rouies 3589m - South Face

the valgau is beauuuuu!

Making ascents in this ecrins range area, it is to love the real wild mountain, the solitude, the great outdoors, authenticity

from Pigeonnier refuge, SE spur or rebuffat route is an ancient classic. Climbing difficulties do not pass the 4c, but the route rolls over 800m.

descent by the normal route.

other routes: a bit above, La Rampe D+/5b; Mille blues TD+/6b; La Mafia ED/6c

High Level

Ailefroide centrale 3927m - Coste Rouge ridge

Central Ailefroide 3927 m-coste rouge ridge or North ridge is a big route wilderness and aesthetic.

the technical difficulties are not extreme, but the way is committed and requires a sense of the route if one does not want to spend the all week. the descent is a second route.

Bivouac, perched on the edge riding on the 2 sides, is memorable. Sunset on one side, lifted the other, just magic!

High Level

les Bans 3669m - Giraud route

a masterpiece on this magnificent South face of the bans!

If quotations, on paper, do not fear, do not underestimate the difficulties of this way... Rock compact is not always easy to protect, search route, length, descent, etc.

Night to the friendly shelter of bans allows us to slightly reduce the face approach

Another adventure to live in ecrins range !


Sirach 3441 m - North ridge

Sirac is the southernmost of the major summits of the massif of the Ecrins.

The beautiful North ridge without being sustained difficulty, is a logical, aesthetic route, long (1000 m) and air locations. The descent is a 'mountain' way, route finding, de-escalation, reminders, glacier, ledges, scree,...

hospitality and the framework of the vallonpierre refuge are amazing!

the top is to combine our visit to the area by a first day of climbing or crossing the Banc des aiguilles (bench of the needles), just in front of the shelter.

High Level

Les Drus 3754 m - Traverse

all sides of this mythical Summit are steep and complex. the traverse of petit dru - grand dru is the easiest route to climb this steep spire of granite.

2 or 3 days are needed for this ascent, at the start of the small charpoua refuge

1 person max / guide


Dent du Géant 4013m

la Dent du Geant 4013 m is a fine Summit, isolated and characteristic of mont-blanc massif.

Burgener plates  route in sw face, ascension is facilitated by fixed ropes in place, but it is less tiring to climb as much as possible free. opposite South callbacks are aesthetic and ask for a bit of experience.

3 possibilities:

  • ascension day, from the cable car to helbonner. advantage, no refuge. downside risk of great affluence.
  • nuit to torino refuge the night before. advantage, person in the itinerary and possibility to take a ride on the edges of rochefort. downside a bit cool if you climb the tooth in the morning in the shade, but for a fast roped you climb back when the parties are redescendues.
  • a the day + night in torino. advantage, no stress for the track and possibility to do another race in the sector the next day! ideal actually ;-)

Here's recipes: you choose your

High Level

Aiguilles de Chamonix - Traverse

Traverse these needles is obvious when you are in the Valley of chamonix! We see them from the surrounding peaks or the cafe terraces.

Aiguille du Midi - Aiguille du Plan - Dent du Crocodile - Dent du Caïman - Pointe Lépiney - Aiguille du Fou - Aiguille des Ciseaux - Aiguille de Blaitière

More than the technical difficulties, you have to accept to engage in a long journey, with multiple manipulation of rope to cross all of the peaks in this ridge.

Bivouac on the way on comfortable vires.


Aiguille de Rochefort 4001m - Arêtes de Rochefort

If it is a esthetic run in the Alps, it is this route, back and forth, edges of rochefort until the needle of rochefort 4001 m.

It is an easy route for real mountainers, but attention it asks to experience, the slope is steep on each side...

Mainly snow and a few steps climbing easy to reach the top of the needle.


Calanques - Sunny climbing

Sormiou, morgiou, sugiton, devenson, great candelle,... all these names speak you?

You don't need to be fan of pastis to explore these major routes overlooking the sea ;-)

Spring and Autumn are the ideal seasons for climbing in the calanques, outside the heat of summer. We can also climb there all winter long, for addicts, or for a bit of snow 

It is also possible to live an exciting adventure with boat-kayak-sailing / climbing.

What a change to sleep in a sailboat and join the foot of the routes from the water!

To try absolutely!

Can be combined also with climbing to Cap Canaille to vary the style of rock and the atmosphere.


"tafonis" Corsica climbing

Cliff, major routes, mountaineering, relaxation, canyon, beach... everything is possible on this island paradise and so close to home. the main interest remains the massif of bavella, deemed for these major routes on the granite to the original shapes. the possibilities are endless and the difficulties of climbing very affordable. You can also consider getting a "road trip" in the island to search different areas of the North to the South. To discover also in version "sailing-climbing" and winter: ski in the Corsican mountains tour

verdon Gorges - rock climbing

If the idea to climbing in the verdon is impressive, is that this word reminds of the great names of very strong climbers, like patrick edlinger or berhault. but rest assured, in the Gorge, there are beautiful climbing for all levels. 5-8, on large slabs to "drops of water", the dizzying pillars and long straight cracks. all in a great atmosphere, with many access starting with reminders. the day can end at the edge of the river and the Lake of St. Cross, or on the terrace of the village with a cold beer! happiness, I can't tell you... Beware, you'll quickly get taste!

Norway boat / ski touring in Bodo range

Mid - february

# On demand ( well in advance ! )


Aboard Polaris, boat with which we have traveled from Norway to Spitsbergen, we will explore in ski touring Bodo massif, south of lyngen Alps, in front of the lofoten islands.


j1: flight France / Oslo / Bodo, transfer to the boat, home and night in bord.

j2: departure from Bodo to the fjords in the North. Original landing on the island of Landegode, where on 8km long are 4 peaks between 700 and 800 m high, George, kvigtinden, rypdalstinden and navaren. Access by almost attractive beaches for bathing.

j3: Mistfjorden allows access to a more imposing range with a succession of more than 1000 m high summits. Sjunktinden, Trolldinden, or Kjerringtinden. Through frozen lakes.

j4: After having reached the maze of folda fjords, we will consider a crossing between the arm of the sea, on wild highs only accessible by boat. the captain circle to take back us. Several ascents can be chain in the same day, Skolden 780 m, Rundtinden 980 m, and Bjornsvikfjellet.

j5: In a branching out more to the North, rise of the Helldalisen 1350 m. (small glacier)

j6: Lundoya island, a mountain out of streams of Sagfjorden with 2 tops 700 and 800m

j7: On the way back, we again expect a crossing of one fjord to another by the sharp peaks of the Kraktindan.

j8: Return flight Bodo / Oslo / France.


This trip is dedicated to ski touring and is for good Alpine skiers. Physical fitness is required. No heavy backpack, except a lightweight one for the day. Hiking daily ascent from 1000 to 1200 meters, or more according to the level of each. But thanks to the elevation of the sea level and lightweight bags it seems easier.


Michel Zalio and Jérôme Huet, mountain guides will guide the Group during all the trip. The day-by-day program can be modified according to the requirements of the mountain and the sea. The guides know perfectly the high mountain terrain: they are masters on board when it comes to interpreting the vagaries of the all-powerful nature under these latitudes and take the decisions necessary.

accommodation / food

Polaris who is there is a real retreat with all the necessary comfort: you can go to his website for more information. toilets, showers, sinks. heating, 220 volt. One or two personnes cabin. Semi rigid motor annex to land the skiers.

5 people onboard including the captain, a scientist from the sea, two assists, a hostess and a cuisinier. Meals consisted of excellent fresh local produce not tampered to basis of dairy, fish, lambs or reindeer meat and vegetables, but not fruit. full breakfasts, picnic lunch, dinner excellent evening. discovery of a few local specialties, surprising to excellentes. A provide: your personal supply of food from courses.


this price includes round-trip paris / bodo in regular airline, airport, costs of coaching and organizing taxes, full Board on the polaris.

this price does not includes:

- cancellation insurance, theft of luggage insurance. interruption

- cancellation insurance, baggage theft and repatriation insurance.

-drinks and all personal expenses, your equipment. staff

- the extra cost of the weight of the luggage and the covers is recommended to group the skis in a single cover to pay an additional luggage.

This price is calculated for 12 participants for two guides.

information / inscriptions

Jerome Huet: +33.660.84.66.44

This trip is organized in collaboration with the Agency: "les matins du monde", 156 rue cuvier, 69006 lyon.

04 37 24 90 30. License: l i-069-01 - 004.

An account of 35% of the total amount will be paid at reservation. the balance must be paid no later than 30 days before the trip. Option of paying in cb to take advantage of the conditions of your assurance.


Norway - Lofoten Islands


# on request

a south crossing - north of the lofoten, a single ski trip in the world. at the start of leknes, the southern ones, very steep and steep, offer us a wide choice of descents and in particular many runs between the granite walls that make the remission of climbing in the lofoten. the levels are quiet, and you can follow two descents in the day or bubble by the fire while waiting for the next aurora bor ale. h rorbuer bank. then, we cover the north, we change the horn and we slide into more open landscapes, some glaciers that work and always the sea for horizon. the henningsvaer peninsula is a very well-taken place to live and the concerts will make our evenings more than that. an unforgettable journey... come on, look at your skins and come and look at the sea... presentation a week of skin and gliding for those who love the days and the great outdoors, a week with friends, in houses on stilts great comfort, where we will decide each evening of the next day's run, good restaurants, beautiful concerts at the end of week, the evening of the last chance or closure of the cod fishing, it is you who see, a few ferries here and there to pass our van in the and skiing, skiing and especially skiing ... It's not like i'm if you hike ski or snowboard "split" in the lofoten, you will ultimately: skier, snowboarder, t l marker on the seafront in cold snow and light, landscapes so different from the Alps, unique, hike the day, to the part of your Norwegian lodge, with a minimum of positive level for maximum pleasure, yes, we knows how to do, rest in typical comfortable rorbuers and devour a kitchen that will make you love herring, or at least seafood, be encased by j m me' huet, a uiagm guide, eager for travel and discovery you place in van comfort, lou for the whole week for maximum autonomy, make the boat, some beautiful ferry crossings of it, live a beautiful adventure by the sea, for love of the mountain and the glide, and herring contact us for more information programmed this program is given title indicative. we will have to adapt to the alas of the world, mountain conditions and at the level of the participants. day 1: Leknes bets flight International. recovery of the van, road for queen and installation in the rorbu. details of flight schedules and appointment when confirming the trip. v rification of the material. day 2 to day 5: hiking skiing front page day-to-day hikes to a different site in the way of time and snow. The choice is pre-set each day according to the participants and mountain conditions. The randones are made back and forth (summit, pass, valley...). pension in free management, the chef's guide is in the pots, help from a few mirlitons, you. night sakrisoy rorbuer. day 6 to day 10: hiking transfer for henningsvaer, the northern ones. randone along the way. full-school pension guides henningsvaer in comfort apartment. Outputs the day from this new base camp. day 11: leknes last little hike in the morning or last fish the cod. return from the vehicle the leknes airport, then flight for bets. It's not like i.e. this travel is designed for a group of 8 maximum participants. The betting, only effective opportunity to go to the lofoten. The prices are only valid for certain classes of respect for the airlines that serve this destination. they are therefore likely to be changed in the event inavailability of places in these classes at the time of the re-enactment. the price includes The return flights bets leknes, The airport taxes, The organisational and coaching costs, the riverbanking and food, The land transport. the price does not include The excess baggage teeth on flights, The race food, The personal costs (drinks, souvenirs, etc.), your Personal work, The cancellation, repatriation and first aid costs. frame I'm huet, mountain guide and ski instructor, will supervise the group throughout the trip. 1 guide / 8 people maximum. The program day by day can be changed depending on the conditions of the mountain and the sea. guides are well versed in the high ground mountain: they are the only one stun when it is necessary to interest the vagaries of all-powerful nature beneath these latitudes and make the necessary decisions. difficulty @page to margin: 2cm p - margin-bottom: 0.39cm; direction: ltr; color: #000000; letter-spacing: -0.3pt; line-height: 0.39cm; text-align: justify; orphans: 2; widows: 2 p.western - font-family: "arial," sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; so-language: en-en p.cjk - font-family: "times new novel", serif; font-size: 10pt p.ctl - font-family: "arial," sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; so-language: ar-sa a:link - color: #0000ff @page to margin: 2cm p - margin-bottom: 0.39cm; direction: ltr; color: #000000; letter-spacing: -0.3pt; line-height: 0.39cm; text-align: justify; orphans: 2; widows: 2 p.western - font-family: "arial," sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; so-language: en-en p.cjk - font-family: "times new novel", serif; font-size: 10pt p.ctl - font-family: "arial," sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; so-language: ar-sa a:link - color: #0000ff this voyage is dedicated to sealskin and addresses good alpine skiers. good physical fitness is required. no portage, except for a small backpack for the day. randonns 800-1800 metres per day, or even depending on the level of each. but sea level altitude and l gers bags make typing easier. @page to margin: 2cm p - margin-bottom: 0.39cm; direction: ltr; color: #000000; letter-spacing: -0.3pt; line-height: 0.39cm; text-align: justify; orphans: 2; widows: 2 p.western - font-family: "arial," sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; so-language: en-en p.cjk - font-family: "times new novel", serif; font-size: 10pt p.ctl - font-family: "arial," sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; so-language: ar-sa a:link - color: #0000ff


Greenland - ski touring / boat

From April 6th to April 15th 2019

Incredible journey!

Glaciers flowing into the sea, many mountains that are waiting for us and our spatulas. From manitsok, a boat is waiting for us and let's go to these immense fjords to climb these icy peaks. Every day, a different Summit, every day, a new discover.


day 1: flight to Copenhagen. Overnight at the hotel in Copenhagen. Opportunity to go a day or two before to visit this beautiful city.

Day 2: flight Copenhagen / Manitsok. Installation in the boat. Details of flight schedules and appointments at confirmation of the trip. Verification of the material.

Days 3 to 8: A hike every day in a different site depending on the weather and the boat. The choice is prepared each day between the guides and the captain according to the group, the conditions of the mountain and the sea. We also share these decisions with the participants. Hikes are either round trip (Summit, pass, Valley...) or crossing from one coast to another, the boat takes us on the other side. Day 8 evening: returned to manitsok.

Day 9: luggage packing in the morning to leave the boat at around 8. Taxi to the airport then fly back to Copenhagen. Night in Copenhagen.

Day 10: flight Copenhagen / france.


2 guides / maximum 10 persons.


this trip is devoted to seal skin and is for good Alpine skiers. physical fitness is required. No porting, except a lightweight hiking bag for the day. Hiking daily from 1200 to 1400 meters of ascent, or more according to the level of each. But the elevation of the sea level and lightweight bags are making easy steps. We are skiing on glacier: a good ski technique is recommanded.

Price: €4630

price includes: the Yacht Charter with the skipper and the crew, full Board and accommodation on the ship, port charges, fuel, insurance of the boat and the passengers on board, the possible loan of technical equipment: arva,. probes and snow shovels for clients not equipped, transfers, the services of two mountain guides, flights france/Copenhagen and Copenhagen/manitsok, airport taxes, hotel in Copenhagen, the cost of organizing.

the price doesn't includes: excess baggage on flights, meals in Copenhagen, food shopping, transportation costs of your place of residence to the airport of departure, charges personal (drinks, souvenirs etc), eventual rental of skis, cancellation, repatriation insurance


Kamchatka (Russia) ski touring on volcanoes

from Saturday 11/05/2019 to Sunday 26/05 / 2019


As I began the job of guide, I always wanted to go to the kamtchatka. Is It because of this name who sings like the poems of vissotski or these countless volcanoes that border the Pacific ocean, I don't know.

But when the fall of the berlin wall changed reports East/West, Kamchatka, off limits to Westerners, became possible.

In 1993, we needed to land at Petropavlovsk for an adventure that remains forever burn in our memoires. Between skiing and paragliding, we did everything and Russians who accompanied us were discovering the joy of biplace flights. Evenings were copiously drunk!

Ride down a volcano in activity to the ocean side !

Then tourism in Kamchatka has been opened and organized: the wilderness character of this peninsula is unique, exceptional skiing. After new trips in 2011, 2015, 2018, we propose it again in 2019.


j0/j1: flight paris - Moscow - petropavlovsk.

j2: arrival at petropavlovsk.

j3: first Summit of our stay.

j4: very early departure full South to volcanoes goreli and mutnovski, located 50 kilometres. night in refuge

j5: starting to ski for the mutnovski Volcano (2324 m) elevation 1470 m. visit the Interior of the crater. night at the refuge

j6: departure to ski for the volcano gorelli and their wonderful acid Lake. back to the refuge.

j7: safety in the event of bad temps.j8 day: towards the viliouchisky

j9: ascent of the viluschinsky

j10: return to petropavlosk

j11: ascent to the hut of the avatcha

j12: ascent of the volcano rybachy (2741 Mr. incline 1700 m.), distance 9 km, time rise 06:00), exceptional active volcano. night in refuge

j13: ascent of the volcano quite Alpine koriakski. end of the ascent in spike. back to the refuge

j14: petropalosk down. night at the hotel.

j15: flight petropalosk / paris


Departure from Paris. Time and location of appointments as flight schedules you will be communicated in good time and the place of delivery of tickets avion.


Michel Zalio and Jérôme Huet, mountain guides, will guide the Group during the whole trip assisted by an interpreter, a cook and drivers of motoneige.

Program day by day can be changed or even reversed. However rare, these changes are imposed for security reasons due to the specific natural phenomena of the place: Volcanism, early or late, snow weather, weather unfavourable... Guides familiar with the field of high mountain: they are masters on board when it comes to interpreting the vagaries of the all-powerful nature under these latitudes and decisions needed.

2 guides / 10 to 12 participants.


This trip is devoted to seal skin and is for good Alpine skiers. An excellent physical fitness is required. No porting, except a lightweight hiking for the day bag. Daily excursions from 800 to 1900 meters of denivelee.

Food / Bed

Nights at the hotel in Petropavlovsk, in a hut in the mountains with hot water sources. 

Meals are prepared by a cook.

You may, if you wish, bring with you a small additional personal stock of energy bars and candy, you'll be pleased to find the time!


Spring snow. At that time, the time is usually stable.

Formality / Vaccinations

Valid passeport, check the expiration date now. Visa required for European. no vaccination exigee.

Prix: €4310

this price includes airfare france or Geneva / Petropavlovsk via Moscow in regular airline, airport taxes, costs of management and organization, accommodation and food (except lunch at) Petropavlovsk), all transport

does not:

- cancellation insurance, theft of luggage, interruption.

- cancellation, baggage theft and repatriation insurance.

-drinks and all expenses personal

- dining. Petropavlovsk

- your equipment. staff

- the extra cost of the weight of the luggage and the covers of ski

- the possible drop in helicopter (count €4500 / hour for the Group)


collective equipment is planned by the Organization, (including pharmacy): you should take only the strictly necessary: the weight of the material should not exceed 20 kilos.

We'll give you a list 

Informations / Booking

This trip is organized in collaboration with the Agency:

"Les Matins du Monde", 156 rue cuvier, 69006 lyon. 04 37 24 90 30.

License: l i-069-01 - 004.

35% of the total amount will be paid at reservation. the balance must be paid no later than 30 days before the trip. option of paying in cb to take advantage of the conditions of your assurance.