Try the adventure of skiing in Norway or Chile, the discovery of climbing in Oman and Jordan, the sweetness of the Calanques, of Verdon, Corsica ...

Except Mont Blanc and Ecrins ranges, mountaineering, climbing and skiing courses provide original or even unusual in France and worldwide.

The possibilities are endless. We present some examples in these pages.
Contact us to study together your desires and imagine projects projects which suit you.


 Ecrins - Mountaineering (rock) -  - 1

DiBona - 3130 m. -

this pic is a perfect mountain, so she is slender and pointed. and besides, the rock is beautiful. from the refuge, the approach March to reach the tracks is of... 30 second ;-)

many climbing routes are drawn on its flanks, as for example:

  • combination "way dwarfs + normal way" rating: ad -
  • "visite obligatoire" 400 m, 6 a + max
  • "classic South face", 450 m, 5B max (= combination madier, berthet, boell, Stoffer, 7 d'un coup)
  • ...

a large number of other routes are also possible to complement a stay in the circus of the mountain. including the head of the red mullet and needles of the soreiller.

 Ecrins - Mixed - A plug title - 1

Meije 3983 m - grand pic and crossing of the ridges

to do absolutely!

the rise of le Grand Pic of la meije 3983 m and crossing the ridges. This is the really important race in a life of Mountaineer. the difficulties of climbing are not extreme, but must be at ease in climbing in 4 big and ready for a long day (happiness).

There are all the ingredients of a good recipe of mountaineering: very welcoming shelters (promontoire and aigle), climbing on a great rock, a pointed Summit, reminders in the descent, an ice gully, tapered edges, a passage amazing panorama... it's my favorite in the World Mountaineering routes !