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la Dent du Geant 4013 m is a fine Summit, isolated and characteristic of mont-blanc massif.

Burgener plates  route in sw face, ascension is facilitated by fixed ropes in place, but it is less tiring to climb as much as possible free. opposite South callbacks are aesthetic and ask for a bit of experience.

3 possibilities:

  • ascension day, from the cable car to helbonner. advantage, no refuge. downside risk of great affluence.
  • nuit to torino refuge the night before. advantage, person in the itinerary and possibility to take a ride on the edges of rochefort. downside a bit cool if you climb the tooth in the morning in the shade, but for a fast roped you climb back when the parties are redescendues.
  • a the day + night in torino. advantage, no stress for the track and possibility to do another race in the sector the next day! ideal actually ;-)

Here's recipes: you choose your

Available from June to September

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High Level

Les Drus 3754 m - Traverse

all sides of this mythical Summit are steep and complex. the traverse of petit dru - grand dru is the easiest route to climb this steep spire of granite.

2 or 3 days are needed for this ascent, at the start of the small charpoua refuge

1 person max / guide


Aiguilles Dorées 3444m-south side

South Ridge of the needle without name ad +, required 4 c, 400 m it is a race of great magnitude. It takes place on a dream granite, in the Sun and in a wild site. It is rare to find such consistency in the level of difficulty. Another possibility: needle rock climbing 3450 m, "eole danza per noi", td +, 6 a. forced, homogeneous in the 5 + / 6a, 400 m, dominant cracks