Try the adventure of skiing in Norway or Chile, the discovery of climbing in Oman and Jordan, the sweetness of the Calanques, of Verdon, Corsica ...

Except Mont Blanc and Ecrins ranges, mountaineering, climbing and skiing courses provide original or even unusual in France and worldwide.

The possibilities are endless. We present some examples in these pages.
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 Ecrins - Ice Gully -  - 1

Heads of ste marguerite

The chute is the waterfall of ice, but in an environment more "high mountain". dare adventure! the difficulties are less, alternating lengths of ice, snow "couic" and mixed slopes more or less steep. need us 1 hour walk of approach to reach the departure of the chutes of 300 m. -the rabble, td - - scent of oisans, td - taterhead, td + - the grassi, td - the guest of the devil, td + - touched Margarita, ed-ice company, td - and many others...
 Ecrins - Ice Climbing -  - 1

Ice climbing - freissinières

It is the Valley of the lighthouse in the region, a must for ice climbing. There are more than 150 lines of initiation at the highest level, in ice, dry or mixed, spread across many sectors. one of the most famous, the head of gramusat, with routes of up to 550 m high. There are therefore for everyone. a few lines to work up an appetite: the violins, the arc, blow job, there, beyond the shadows, paulo madness, direct gramusat, impatience,...
La Grave La Meije - Grand Pic de la Meije ©Jérôme Huet

La Grave - La Meije

Ski - snowboard - telemark glaciers of la meije cable car takes us up to 3600 m altitude, in the world of the off track in all its forms. Here, no marked track, nothing of the vast white expanse of glaciers, forest and corridors. and especially descents up to 2400 m height difference... what heat thighs. There is something for everyone:-leisure skiing and contemplative (chancel and the meije valleys) - from skiing in the forest in bad weather - of the corridors (of the Lake, the Trifid,...)-major routes (chirouze, orciere, the arch, the freaux,...) -of the steep slope (the pan of the curtain) - routes accessible mountain in ski touring (enfetchores,...) In short, the grave will never disappoint you.
 Chamonix - Off Piste Ski -  - 1

Toule glacier - Italy

Grand ski guaranteed on the Italian side of the white mountain glacier! orientation South and open landscape give this place a really welcoming. Here the slopes are much more supported than in the Valley white and much less crowded. usually, we chained several descents in the day with the cable car of helbronner, by various passages in the middle of not too nasty crevices. most of the routes stop at the intermediate station, the "Pavilion" at 2200 m, but with good snow conditions, we can even go down to courmayeur (1300 m), big slopes into perspective! would like, it is a mandatory break pasta and coffee ristreto "Pavilion"! possibility of return to chamonix by the glacier of the Virgin and the black Valley nearby:-the brenva glacier, incredible itinerary on a tumultuous glacier - courmayeur, skiing in the resort, full of runs varied - glacier of the marbled, a bit of walking or hiking for a long steady descent.
 Elsewhere - Ski Touring -  - 1

Norway - Lofoten Islands

Departure! * few places still * a South - North crossing of the Lofoten, a ski trip alone in the world. initially of bodo, the islands of the South, very cut and stiff, we offer a wide choice of descents and in particular of many runs conceded between the granite walls that are the hallmarks of climbing in lofoten. the hills are quiet, and you can chain two descents in the day or buller to the fire until the next Aurora Borealis. accommodation in rorbuer. then, we discover the islands of the North, we change of scenery and we slide in more open landscapes, some glaciers lying around and always the sea on the horizon. the henningsvær peninsula is a popular place to live and café concerts will enhance our evenings. an unforgettable journey... go, dry your skin and just look at the sea... 2 guides: renato Bob & Jérôme huet Presentation a week skiing for those who like so post-political gears and the great outdoors, a week with friends, in houses on stilts and skin comfort, where we will decide every night of the run of the l ENDEMAIN, restaurants, beautiful concerts at the weekend, the lucky last night closure of the cod fishery, it is you who see, some ferry here and there to get our van from island in island and skiing, skiing and especially skiing... If you ra ndonnez to ski or snowboard "split" in the lofoten Islands, you will in the end: ski, snowboard, telemarker seaside in a snow cold and light, of the different landscapes of the Alps, unique hiking for the day, at the start of your lodge Norwegian, with a minimum of positive height for maximum pleasure, Yes, we do rest in comfortable typical rorbuers and devour a kitchen that will make you love herring, or at least the seafood be framed by jerome "je" hu and a uiagm guide, greedy of travels and discoveries move van comfort, rented for the week for a maximum of autonomy make the boat a few beautiful crossings by ferry, from island to island to live a great adventure on the sea, by love of the mountains and snow, and herring contact us for more information program Friday meeting at the airport in Bodø by late afternoon recovery of the rental vehicle. discovery of bodo. the bodo aj, at the port Saturday night ski "warm-up" tour around Bodø 16.30 - moskenes ferry (3 h 30) then transfer to sakrisøy rorbuer sakrisøy rorbuer Sunday - night Monday hike to the day around sakrisøy rorbuer free Management Board, the Chief Guide is in the pots, helped some kazoos, you. sakrisøy rorbuer Tuesday night hike around sakrisøy rorbuer transfer to henningsvær, the islands of the North. full Board at the school of guides henningsvær in apartment Wednesday - Thursday around henningsvær day hiking. full Board at the school of henningsvær in apartment guides.   Friday hike for the day around henningsvær transfer by ferry to Bodø. dinner - evening - night to the aj of bodo Saturday return flight service includes: 2 nights with breakfast lunch in aj 3 nights in rorbuer self-catering 3 full pension in henningsvær guides school 7 picnics 3 meals prepared by members 7 day are services of a uiagm guide costs of lodging and meals guide 1 ferry ticket back to bodo & / moskenes rental and the cost of a vehicle for the group travel the provision does not include: your plane ticket back for bo & the first and last evening meals do your food shopping. the loan or lease of your equipment for the practice of hiking on skis or split your arva, shovel/probe pack required (rental possible from the guide, see option) your cancellation insurance all what is not included in the previous topic.