Ski touring at the start of the station - all levels


a jewel of skiing off piste in the hautes-alpes, heavy snowfall guaranteed at the famous "retour d'Est".

This small station also allows with a hiker package to win 1000 m in altitude, before switching ski touring. the choice of 200 m, 500 m, 700 m of more or less technical climb to endless raids.

for example: the amunt mayt, pelvas, the epiole,... a good way to learn ski touring or for those who prefer the descent to the long climbs.

This is what is called the "freerando" (ski freeride-ski touring)

Available from December to March 400 €

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Molines / saint veran - off piste

Aaaah the famous "retour d'Est"! you do not know yet? We here are fan!

Grab your fats, your board of pow and come see to believe.

During the snow fall and just after this is alaska and Japan combined...

Spaces and forests of larch, can ride all-weather ;-)


La Grave - La Meije

ski - snowboard - telemark

La meije cable car takes us up to 3600 m altitude, in the world of the off piste in all its forms. Here, no marked track, nothing of the vast white expanse of glaciers, forest and corridors. and especially descents up to 2400 m height difference... what heat thighs.

There is something for everyone:

  • leisure ski and contemplative (valleys of the meije and chancel)
  • skiing in the forest in bad weather of the corridors (Lake, the Trifid,...)
  • great routes (chirouze, orciere, the arch, the freaux,...)
  • steep slope (the pan of the curtain)
  • routes accessible mountain in ski touring (enfetchores,...)

the grave will never disappoint you!

transceiver, shovel and probe, harness, ice axe, crampons can be lended if necessary 


Serre Chevalier

"Serre Che" for the respondents. It is one of the largest ski area in europe.

We can chain the off-piste variety ending every time in the larch forest, with always the slope and elevation. Half an hour of market, skis on the bag and we here at the top of the cucumelle. Yet of the beautiful traces leave in virgin snow during the 1300 m downhill to the Valley.

Great ski!