More accessible than the icefall.

A gully is an icefall, but in an environment more "high mountain". Dare adventure!

the difficulties are less, alternating lengths of ice, snow "couic" and mixed slopes more or less steep.

Need us 1 hour walk of approach to reach the departure of the chutes of 300 m.

  • la canaille, td -
  • Parfum d'oisans, TD
  • Mongolito, TD+
  • Grassi, TD
  • Invité du diable, TD+
  • Marguerite effleurée, ED-
  • la Compagnie des glaces, TD

and many others...

Available from November to April 400 €

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Ice climbing - freissinières

It is the Valley of the lighthouse in the region, a must for ice climbing. There are more than 150 lines, initiation to the highest level, ice, dry or mixed, spread across many sectors. one of the most famous, la Tete de gramusat, with routes of up to 550 m high.

There are therefore for everyone. a few lines to work up an appetite: the violins, the arc, blow job, there, beyond the shadows, paulo madness, direct gramusat, impatience,...