Ski touring at the start of the station in pelvoux - steep slope

A golden nugget of hautes-alpes!

North, wild, corridors of la rouya and la blanche are available quickly. They allow vertiginous descents after only 500 to 700 m climb in ski touring beyond the ski lifts from the small station in pelvoux. A short reminder to get a foothold in the slope, at 50 ° still!

Possibility for the most motivated to give the skins at the end of the corridors to then access the mythical "pelas-vernet" nearby hallway...

An atmosphere in a setting "high mountain".

Available from December to March 400 €

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Pelvoux - couloir pelas verney - freerando

double blow for this release of dream: NW face La Blanche + pelas verney couloir


  • departure from Pelvoux - La Blanche resort, 1 chairlift + 1 bottomlift
  • skinning to reach La Blanche Summit 2953m (+ 730 m)
  • NW couloir (500 m, 5.2, 50 ° max) )
  • ski touring up to the breach victor Chaud 3142 m (+ 650 m)
  • pelas-verney (850 m, 5.3, 55 ° max)
  • slide back to the resort

Serre Chevalier- dome de monêtier - Riou combe

Serre Che' for the respondents.

It is one of the largest ski area in europe.

We can chain the off-piste variety, ending every time in the larch forest, with always the slope and elevation. half an hour walking, skis on the bag and we are at the top of la Cucumelle.  More beautiful tracks to let in virgin snow during the 1300 m downhill to the valley

Freerando style, from the top of the lifts we can easily reach  the high mountain area. Direction the dome de Monetier, 1000 m ascent for more than 2000 m descent. to the choice, large cool slopes, corridors, or the huge Riou Comb down to Pre de Mme Carle. 

Great skiing!


Crévoux - freerando

Freerando version is the off-piste from barely further Virgin snow, in a little bit of ski touring. the ultimate!

  • 3 lifts
  • 1 cheap pass
  • nobody in the resort
  • almost 1000 m vertical drop of fast rotations
  • ...

= 1 dream spot!

opportunity to stay 1 day / 1 station, a mix with vars, risoul, abriès, st veran, puy saint vincent, pelvoux, La Grave...