Refuge in the pelvoux / bivouac

pelvoux is one of the major mountains of the massif of the Ecrins. its Summit is composed of 4 individualized tips: Tip puiseux 3943 m, peak durand 3932 m, three teeth in the pelvoux 3683 m and the small pelvoux 3753 m.

examples of mountain races:-Advanced puiseux: Ridge n, 1000 m, d +, 5 / edge w, 350 m,-td, 5 + / picard Lane, 350 m, d, 4/5 - three teeth: e pillar, 830 m, td, 5 + / edge, 600 m, d, 5 - small pelvoux: s edge, d on 350 m

Available from June to September

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High Level

Ailefroide centrale 3927m - Coste Rouge ridge

Central Ailefroide 3927 m-coste rouge ridge or North ridge is a big route wilderness and aesthetic.

the technical difficulties are not extreme, but the way is committed and requires a sense of the route if one does not want to spend the all week. the descent is a second route.

Bivouac, perched on the edge riding on the 2 sides, is memorable. Sunset on one side, lifted the other, just magic!

High Level

les Bans 3669m - Giraud route

a masterpiece on this magnificent South face of the bans!

If quotations, on paper, do not fear, do not underestimate the difficulties of this way... Rock compact is not always easy to protect, search route, length, descent, etc.

Night to the friendly shelter of bans allows us to slightly reduce the face approach

Another adventure to live in ecrins range !