2 days - by enfetchores and refuge of the promontoire

to do absolutely!

the rise of le Grand Pic of la meije 3983 m and crossing the ridges. This is the really important race in a life of Mountaineer.

the difficulties of climbing are not extreme, but must be at ease in climbing in 4 big and ready for a long day (happiness).

There are all the ingredients of a good recipe of mountaineering: very welcoming shelters (promontoire and aigle), climbing on a great rock, a pointed Summit, reminders in the descent, an ice gully, tapered edges, a passage amazing panorama... it's my favorite in the World Mountaineering routes !

Available from June to September 1200 €

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Barre des Écrins 4102 m - crossed South/North

Long joint itinerary that takes place on a ground complex at high altitude. it traverses Rocky lengths, slopes of snow and ice. a very nice way to go out at the top of the bar of the Ecrins. downhill North Slope, towards the white glacier and the neck of the Ecrins to finish going through the Valley of good-pierre up to la bérarde.

Barre des Ecrins - 4102 m-crossing East/West

It is the highest summit of the massif. It is actually composed of two different heights: the Ecrins snow dome (4015 m) and the bar. the itinerary here borrows the beginning of the normal route, before forking, to follow the Northeast Ridge. barely harder than the classic way of the bar, this path actually a race original and very aesthetic. a kind of "crossing of the ecrins". When conditions allow, you can also climb the North corridor of black bar, while steep snow, then chain on this crossing.

Ailefroide pte 3907 m-fourastier

ailefroide 3954 m is one of the most high and impressive mountain massif. There are routes of all difficulties, PD to ed +. the way original fourastier is a large and beautiful race where Rockies, mixed and ice difficulties. a program!